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My Subbing Community!

I've started a little community for my subs here! I figured that it would be more convenient to organize and post my subs there, instead of just in my journal. I'm currently subbing the Kamen Teacher series, and I plan on doing other videos too once the drama ends. Membership is open, so feel free to join!

Bakaleya Movie Softsubs!

Finally I've finished! As promised, here are the softsubs for the Bakaleya movie.

I'm sure you've seen many people say this, but please do NOT reupload, sell, or claim my subs as your own. Don't upload to streaming sites like Dramacrazy, either. If you want to use my subs to translate to another language, just ask me, instead of taking them as your own.

Also, I can't guarantee that my subs are 100% accurate, because while English is my first language, Japanese is not. Japanese doesn't always translate directly into English well, so I apologize if I miss any nuances in the words. If you see any grammatical errors or missed translations, I would really appreciate it if you let me know!

EDIT: I have reuploaded all the .zip files, because the first version can't be extracted by basic/outdated unzipping programs. If you had an issue trying to extract the sub file, please redownload!

Timed, translated, and edited by hana8796

Synced with the "normal" raw from kyomototaiga
Password: CoSpLaYsHoW

Synced with bluray raw
Password: CoSpLaYsHoW

If there is another file host that works better for you, let me know and I will try to upload another mirror.

Thanks to Jjangmii for letting me know that some Mac users may have trouble unzipping the files. If you are unable to unzip, you can try the method here to open the file.

Enjoy the movie~

Introduction Post!

I’ve just realized that I don’t have an introduction post, and my journal is all empty and sad xD And excuse the basic layout, I'm changing it soon.

So, I'm currently a student, and I've been a Johnny's fan since January 2012.

The first group I got into was Arashi, due to watching Jun in Gokusen. Last summer I became a fan of Kis-My-Ft2, and later on HSJ, SZ, and NEWS. I also follow both the Tokyo juniors and Kansai juniors.

I'm hoping to make my journal mostly about fandom, with some non-fandom posts...if I find something interesting enough to write about. I plan to continue subbing, and maybe trying out translating as well. This journal will be semi-friends-only. Mostly fandom-related posts will be public, but any rl-related posts will not. If you want, comment to tell me about yourself and request to be added!



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