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NEWS, KAT-TUN, Sexy Zone, and Johnny's Jr

I don't have room to store all my goods, so I'm selling them so that they can find a new home! I'm located in the USA, USA buyers preferred, international shipping for select items. Payment will be accepted through Paypal. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!


CDs- opened once unless otherwise specified

World Quest LE A (new, sealed)- $12
World Quest LE B- $10
Chankapana first run edition E- $10
Chankapana RE- $5

Shop Photos- $1.75 each

Wink Up 2012.8 (does not contain pinups)- $4


Only Star- $4 each

Potato- SOLD
Wink Up- $4

Sexy Zone

Official 1st photobook, Sweetz- $14

Top row- Potato 2013.6 $4
Bottom row- Wink Up 2012.11, Potato 2012.11 $4 each, pinups have been removed

CDs- all have been opened once, all include obi (with exception of One Sexy Zone, which comes in special LE packaging)

Lady Diamond LE B- $9
Sexy Zone debut single LE A- $12
One Sexy Zone first-run LE- $8 (discount due to small dent in outer packaging box, comment if you would like to see a picture)
Sexy Summer LE B- $5 (discount due to scratches, comment if you would like to see a picture)
Real Sexy/Bad Boys LE A- SOLD (discount due to scratches, comment if you would like to see a picture)

Johnny's Jr

Shop Photos- $2 each

Batch 1- Johnny's WEST members when they were still juniors

Batch 2- Johnny's World 2012 backstage

Batch 3- SixTONES and Jinguji Yuta

Official Johnny's Shop Penlight- $8

Johnny's Countdown 2012 muffler towel- $14

Bakaleya photobook- $12
Bakaleya Movie manga (official comic adaptation of the movie, not fan-made)- $6


Wink Up 2013. 4, Wink Up 2012. 10 (does not contain pinups), Myojo 2013. 7- $4 each

Piece drama goods

Clearfile- $5

Pin- $5

  • Additional photos of items available upon request

  • First-come first-serve, no holds

  • Prices listed here do not include shipping or Paypal fees

  • I am not responsible for customs fees or additional shipping fees

  • All sales final, no returns/exchanges/refunds

  • I am not liable for lost/damaged packages after they have been shipped

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